Inspired by a medley of master cheese-makers, Carrie Rimes makes her ewe’s milk products by hand in small batches with natural ingredients, using traditional methods.

Working on a Welsh hillside farm, Carrie’s goal is to make cheese, yogurt and ice cream that bring out the best qualities of the milk. She is enthusiastic about adapting to seasonal nuances – every batch needs an individual approach. Patience and tenacity are required to make sure that the cheeses mature happily and successfully. These are life-long skills that Carrie started to explore as a youngster experimenting with cheese-making on the family farm, and more recently during three years working at a small French farm fromagerie in the heart of the Auvergne.

Carrie is now delighted to be back on home ground in the community of Dyffryn Ogwen at Ffarm Moelyci, continuing her adventures in cheese. Work begins this year on a purpose-built creamery and cheese cave which will mean that you can visit….and of course taste the results of Cosyn Cymru.

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