Hard Cheeses

Olwyn fawr (Big Wheel): For lovers of Manchego, this is a hard-pressed mature cheese with a depth of flavour. The cheese is made with raw ewe’s milk and traditional lamb’s rennet then naturally ripened in six-kilogram wheels for four to nine months. Customers have described Olwyn fawr as having a “complex, long-lasting taste of honey, hazelnut and summer meadows." Silver Award winner at Artisan Cheese Awards 2016 and British Cheese Awards 2016. Best new cheese Royal Welsh Show 2016.

Caws Calan (Calan Cheese): The younger, truckle-version (cosyn) of Caws Chwaral. Fruity and bright. Caws Calan is made with raw ewe’s milk, traditional lamb’s rennet and naturally ripened in 600-gram truckles (cosynnau) for two to four months. Chosen as the official cheese of the renowned Welsh band Calan.

Caws Chwaral (Quarry Cheese): A ewe’s milk cheese based on a slow-aged Caerffili recipe. Made from unpasteurised milk and traditional lamb’s rennet then naturally ripened in five- to six-kilogram wheels for two to five months. Caws Chwaral is the favourite of those who prefer a more traditional ‘British’ and Welsh territorial cheese. Olivia Mills Award for Excellence 2018.

Soft Cheeses

Brefu bach (Little Bleat): Little, Chaource-like lactic cheeses. Creamy and buttery textures with fresh lemon and mushroom flavours. The curds are allowed to develop very gradually with a tiny amount of vegetarian rennet derived from a thistle extract.  The 120-gram cheeses are mould-ripened over three to seven weeks. Gold Award winner and Best New Cheese Award winner at British Cheese Awards 2016. Gold Award winner at Artisan Cheese Awards 2019. Olivia Mills Award for Excellence, 2019.


Thick and creamy with nothing added apart from milk and cultures (e.g. Lactobacillus bulgaricus), Cosyn Cymru yogurts come in 120-ml and 480-ml returnable and re-usable pots. Available in two varieties: delicate Mild and tangy Traditional

Weekly Cosyn Bag

Stock up for the week ahead with a 480ml jar of yogurt, an award-winning Brefu bach and a wedge of seasonal hard cheese!